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In the Presence of Unconditional Love

If you have become dissatisfied with church and no longer attend. If you want to believe in God, but don't believe in hell or punishment by God. If you are unsure and struggling with your life. Then this book will help you find peace and joy in your life. You will find confidence and spiritual direction in this book   Email Ken




 the presence of unconditional love

This book is more than an account of near death experiences. It is a self-help book complete with instructions. It will explain in detail the tough questions of life. Who you are, and why you are here in the physical world? Where did evil come from, and is heaven and hell real? Is there an afterlife and what is it like? It discusses Jesus and the real meaning of Love. This book resists the doctrine of creation and theories of evolution in a rational way. But most of all this book will help you feel good about yourself and the world.

Near death experiences are spiritual in nature indicating an afterlife of pleasant circumstances for all people.

This book was written and researched by a near death experiencer.

Sample chapter headings are shown below.

Section One: NDEs show us how to live successfully.

Life's a Bitch. Then You Die
Let Go of Your Banana
Choice, a Thing of Great Power
Suicide, a Desperate Choice
The Purpose of Life
A Better Way of Life
and more...

Section Two: NDEs show us our spiritual nature.

God by any Other Name
Bibles, Canons, and Other Sacred Texts
Jesus, Speaker of Love
Where Did Evil Come From
Religion and NDEs
and more...

Section Three: NDEs, what are they, are they real.

What Causes the Near Death Experience
The Out-of-Body Characteristic
The Light, the Enlightenment
Beings of Light
The Life Review
The Changed Life
The NDE, Real Glimpses of the Afterlife
Skeptic Claims about NDEs
and more...

Section Four: Real NDEs told by the experiencer.

David my NDE
Pam Reynolds
Gunshot Victim
Hanging Accident
Automobile Accident
My Heart Stopped
Fell Off a Cliff
and a lot more...

Section Five: Personal observations of life.

The Sky is Falling
What You Don't Know
Fear -- Love -- Death -- Theories
All Things Pass
War of the Worlds, 2012
The Magic Brain
The Magic "I"
and more...

Section Six: Affirmations and self-help tools

Affirmations set One, Two, and Three
Universal Affirmations
Hands, the Touch of Peace
There is No End
and more...


 the presence of unconditional love