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Hell Fire Cool Water

This book is a journey into life. In the wee hours of morning I had an experience that allowed me a glimpse of the afterlife. I went out of my body. I was surrounded by love and compassion that was as cool water on a fevered brow. This book will help you find peace and joy in your life. Email Ken

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This book is a journey into life. It travels through the fears of hell fire and other life changing events into the cool water of peace and love. It was my journey and I want to share it with you. Maybe you won't find the road as bumpy as I did if you know where the pot holes lie.

As a youth, in church, I was taught about a God that could be loving, jealous, or angry with me depending on how I believed or acted. Only it just wasn't that clear what I needed to do to appease Him. If I did the wrong thing this God would send me to hell where I would be punished forever. I would burn eternally in the fires of hell. Although I believed I was doing all the right things, I could never be sure. So I developed anxiety about my life and started to have anxiety attacks. I lost confidence in myself and didn't know what choices to make. I lost motivation, just didn't care anymore. I couldn't take the teachings, so as I grew older I quit church.

If you decide to read this book, I believe it will help calm any fear of God or the afterlife. God is love.

Chapter One

Hell Fire

Chapter Two

Hurricane Audrey

Chapter Three

Learning About Life

Chapter Four

I Can't Find It

Chapter Five

What Happens When You Die

Chapter Six

Cool Waters

Chapter Seven

Rediscovering My Life

Chapter Eight

Learning From Others

Chapter Nine

Healing Yourself

Chapter Ten

Healing With Affirmations

Chapter Eleven

Crossing The Waters